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Upset at the market? Reality check. The market doesn’t give a shit

So you want to profit from the market. I get it, so do I. You enter a trade it goes against you and your pissed as shit. We’ll be pissed all you want, the reality is, you ain’t getting that money back unless you find a way to win. Finding a way to beat the market is not as complex as you might think. I’m not here to say it’s easy but it isn’t as complex as you think.

All trades are loosing trades. You feel this way? I know I have and do at times. Why is this? The reality is computer algorithms are screwing positions over in as many cycles as they can get their hands on. Don’t trust me? Take a look. Study the price action of a chart. Many times I hear, shit if I only would have bought 10 days ago and held. If I only held even thou it didn’t come back to my original price. I get it. In theory this sounds like it would work and it can. The only issue is, your going to have to fight to get a solid entry, and stomach the storm when the price goes against you.

What type of trading best fits your style? Day trading, swing trading? Shit I tried it all and I’m still playing around trying to find my edge. Look at the charts on the daily futures prices and notice how no matter where you enter, the storm typically comes. If you were long and you were up for 1 month straight, the day the market decides to drop your profits by 50%, what will you do? Will you hold? Will you stomach the storm and wait and other month or so to let the price continue in the upward direction?

My friends, trading is not about being the smartest guy on the block. It’s about studying price action, learning how to get a solid entry, and then managing your position. Dabble in with paper money and get comfortable on different time frames. After all, we are all fighting to buy low and sell high or sell high and buy it back low. Find your edge, sharpen your mindset and get to work !

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