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What exactly is a “Strategy”?

We hear it all the time. I use this strategy or that strategy works best. But what really is a strategy? Is it a set rules, indicators, personal mental thoughts? Perhaps it’s a little bit of everything. Think about it. There can be one strategy with specific rules written down. And you can take 5 traders and instill those rules into they’re minds. However after a few weeks of trading, I can guarantee you that each one will have different results. And not because of simple variables like fill prices and entries and exits. The simple key is everyone has a different mental attitude and mindset going into trading. What I mean by mental mindset is that everyone deals with a certain level of emotion and also a certain level of trading ambition. Which simply translates to whether they are conservative or aggressive traders. Mentality like it or not plays …

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The secret to trading. Keep it simple

I’ve heard it and seen it over and over. “This guy uses like 4 or 5 indicators and it sounds so good. He’s making it work.”Anyone can make an explanation sound so perfect your like wow this must be the real deal. It’s actually so far away from the truth. Trading is a simple game. Long gone are the days of earnings releases and news announcements. Now we are simply trading on human emotion. And of course, computers however that’s another topic. When it comes to looking at your charts it should be simple and clean. You shouldn’t be confusing yourself with the new holy grail of indicators and in the end, lose money anyway. I’ve learned through my years of trading that the best way to trade is to keep it simple. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. The only indicators I use measure momentum and volume. …

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Trading on Emotion. How to create the ultimate mindset

We have all been there before. Starting out in our trading career with zero experience yet the mindset to strike it rich day trading. We hit a few winners and it’s like Oh wow, here we go! And Bam! That first loss. It hits you like a ton of bricks. What’s the first thing we tend to do? We try to quickly recoup those losses and completely forget about our strategy and most importantly discipline. Then it turns into one loss after another and drains us mentally to the point we walk away and question whether trading is really for us. My advice comes in two forms. The bad news and the good news. No matter how much advice you get, human emotion is very strong and we learn by making mistakes. I’ve made plenty and after blowing two accounts, I had to take a step back and figure out …

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