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Recap for 6/8/17

So today was what I like to call traders heaven. A pretty volatile day with a few 8 point swings. All in all I took in a profit of 1.25 points today. Got a big picky with some entries and didn’t get filled. One trade in the morning and one in the evening. We will go over those in a bit.

At the bell at 9:30 I waited to see what our initial move would be. Whether to the upside or downside. I got both lol. I didn’t take any positions mainly because my indicators weren’t in sync however I did like the established highs and lows. At around 10:30 I took a long off a decent pullback at 2428.00. Covered at 2428.75. Decent for a quick bounce.

After that we had a nice run up to around 2439. That’s where I tried to snipe a short and did not get a fill. Too bad Would have been a nice ride to the downside. Later towards the close we had a nice pullback to 2428 again and although I was primed for a long I stayed out due to a possible break of the days low. It didn’t happen either. Better to stay out then take a loss I guess. I did take a short however into the close at 2434 for a half point profit before the bell sounded.

Then all hell broke loose. Just kidding! We fell all the way to 2423. I was like what the hell is going on? Well like Paul said, we should have scooped that position up. After all it did run back up to 2434 shortly there after. These moves can be crazy. But like I always say, take what the market gives you. Sometimes its a gift.

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