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The markets a scary place if your not confident taking a trade.

People ask me all the time. What do I think about this trade. My reply. Your not ready to take the trade. In my eyes, it is impossible to make consistent money as a trader of your not confident taking trades.ate in my trading career I noticed something very unusual. Two people with two separate trading directions can both profit from a single trade on a given move. Let me explain.

Going long at the right time and selling off for a quick profit can simply make you money. Perhaps trader one was holding when trader 2 got short. Sure the trade went against trader 2 but what happens when the stock peaks out and starts to head back down? Well trader 2 makes money and if trader 1 still held his position, his winning trade could turn into a loosing trade. Making money in the market, requires proper management of your positions. You need to be confident with what trades work for you. The market is heavily manipulated. I just don’t buy it that the markets move based on people buying and selling all the time. Big money controls the market. Algorithms or who ever the heck is out there, has way to dump millions upon billions of dollars to collect the average Joes money.

If you trade often, you will soon get to know it’s no different than playing the slot machine at the casinos. Your bound to loose. I get it. I feel you, I myself lost over $35,000 before starting to see the boat slowly turn around. What changed? I woke up. I finally realized, price action alone, is no way to make money. Something behind the scenes was happening and I sure as hell had to figure it out. Market maker manipulation. Let’s be honest here. No one wants to talk about it but everyone is questioning, why the hell do I keep loosing. Why is it that I’m always wrong. It’s not secret. Long or short, your bound to loose. Unless…. you get lucky, or you know what your doing.

Strategy. What the heck is that. Strategy is more along the lines of comfort. You see it over and over again, you take a trade, you calculate the odds of the trade going in your favour is high. What do you do when the trade goes for or against you. Knowing the market will suck you dry puts your mind in state of confusion. How do you play it? Well, trading ain’t easy but you sure can profit from it, if you get comfortable trading it. You need to learn how the market moves, who moves the market, what their intentions are and when to buy, sell and let it ride ! Get that and you will start to grow your account. Subscribe to our free video series and learn what’s working for us.

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