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The truth behind CNBC. And why it should matter to you

We as traders and or investors watch CNBC all the time. I watch it daily. Why? More so for the background noise to be completely honest. All the financial gibberish they spew out is quite laughable at times. I mean yea we can get valuable information such as earnings releases, major news announcements or jobs numbers. But even then I see the moves happening before they report it. Interesting how that happens huh? I thought so too. There are two important things to remember. Remember the old saying “buy the rumor, sell the news”? Well they do both! They already know the numbers. And so do the big players. Why do you think the futures make huge moves a few seconds before the release? That makes a hell of a difference in fast paced trading. That’s the advantage they have. Knowing so much information that we just can’t gain access …

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Timing the market isn’t easy. Instead focus on a solid entry point

To know the perfect time to enter the market would mean you are a market maker. There is no way to perfectly time the market. The price action you see on the charts happen because in the moment, it needs to get to a certain price and in a certain way. To beat the market, your going to have to figure out how to play the waves. There will be times where your heart tells you, now, go now, now is the time to enter. What does the price action do? blow right past your entry. Lets discuss. First off, why did you take the trade? you took it because you assumed you were going to profit. Just like everyone else who thought that, typically, you didn’t profit! am I right? unfortunately I am. The only way to make money in the stock market long term, is by feeling out …

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The Market Is Rigged. You Enter And It Goes Against You

Ever feel like you are always on the opposite side of the trade? how is this so? After all, it seems like no matter what you do, you always have it wrong. This is my quest to conquer why this happens. Lets break it down. In order to win on a trade, you need to have the right price at the right time then sell off at the right price and the right time. Most newbie traders feel they only have to get the direction right. Thats not true. How many times have you been in a position, only to sell off at the top and then it comes all the way back to your entry. When looking at the bigger picture, it went back to your entry after how many candles? How did it get back to your entry? The market is most definitely rigged in my eyes. Now …

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Thank God it’s Friday. Why I’m cautious on trading the Friday close.

This article is pretty simple and straightforward. We talk about caution and patience all the time. There are times as traders we look at the close and say wow this is such a great setup. I need to get in this. However let’s ask ourselves one important question. What is as equally important in trading as growth? That’s preservation of capital. We can’t do that when we put positions on overnight and have to let the mercy of the market hand us our fate. The beauty of trading futures is that that we can literally trade them 24 hours a day. Within reason of course. There are slow periods as well as times when they close for maintenance. So placing a trade late in the afternoon when the volatility creeps back in isn’t as bad. We can monitor them and trade as necessary. Unlike Monday until Thursday, Friday presents a …

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Take what the market gives you. Don’t dictate what you want

All the time we find ourselves in a position where we say to ourselves, “if only it hits this price” or “I’ll wait for another candle or another move”. Whatever you subconsciously say to yourself, it happens all the time. You want this. You want that. Does the market care? Hell no. The market will go in whatever direction it wants. And the moves can be extraordinary. So what happens in this situation? How do you snap out of it? Again this is a touchy subject because it dives back into my previous article of trading on emotion. Let’s see what the causes are and how to remedy them. This topic isn’t as sensitive as trading on emotion. Only because it contains a bit more sanity. It’s just dealing with finding perfect entries and price points. Not a big deal in the bigger scheme of things. But still an issue …

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