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Recap for E-minis 12.19.2017

Hey Guys! So we are ending the year on a high note. We worked on revamping some strategies and tested them out. Time to add some much awaited content so you can all understand more of how we trade and what we look for in our daily trading. Today we had some great opportunities trading the E-minis. Some great moves to capture. Below you’ll the chart for today with arrows representing possible entries. Now these are all based on stochastics which you all know I love to use! Sometimes it completely fails me, however that’s rare so I wont bash it yet haha. Taking a look at pre market a little before 9 am we had a very overbought market. E-minis sat around the 2697-2698 levels. Any short within that range and held would have been an incredible short. I however wasn’t at my desk so I unfortunately wasn’t able …

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The bitcoin Craze Intro

Here at Trading tickers we talk about Futures and sometimes options. What about this new craze they call Bitcoin. its been around for years now and yet now the craze has become so large that everyone and their Grandma are hopping on board. But what makes it so crazy is its lack of valuation. Could it be that it’s gone up so much that we can compare it to the Tulip era of the 1600s? Regardless its here to stay as well as the thousands of other coins they have available. But how can we treat it and how can we profit from it when it goes up day in and day out and doesn’t operate like a typical investment vehicle. The CBOE launched futures with the ticker symbol xbt. Some brokerage houses such as TD Ameritrade now offer the ability to trade the Bitcoin futures. The Bitcoin Futures were …

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The Homerun Mentality

Sometimes it gets redundant to say this but we all as traders/investors seek to find that perfect trade. That one that will make us rich. Is that the right approach? Well the answer isn’t so simple. Let me explain. Looking for the perfect trade should be a priority regardless of a short or long term move. The issue is understanding what your strategy is and implementing it. The second part is discipline to know when to take profits off the table before the tides turn and you slowly watch your account go into a death spiral. The important thing we tend to forget is when you trade any market, you need a strategy. One that is simple and straightforward. We tend to deviate sometimes and go balls to the wall when there is no reason to do so. In terms of futures, my profit target is between .75 and one …

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Perfect setups vs average setupsĀ 

As a day trader your going to have to learn how to identify setups. Perfect setups are moves that happen over and over again that you are familiar with that yield gains more than losses. A perfect setup doesn’t mean it will turn into a winner all the time. Bare with me as I explain the meat of this article.  Not all setups are equal. If you have watched the gurus videos and you learned a setup like a multi day breakout, the probability of it doing the same is not always the same. Setups have many rules. The more rules the better. Although there are downsides to this which I will explain. So I get it, you wait all day patiently to find a good setup, you see the setup the guru talks about, your waiting for the alert from the guru that he buys, what do you do? …

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$MOSY my loss on it, what I was expecting and how it’s ok to lose

Hey all so today was a super awesome day. Although I ended down $400 I actually wanted to share with you my experience on what happened and what I was looking for.  So to start, I was looking for a stock to trade that had upside potential. The overall market has been pulling back with a run up higher trapping all shorts. When the market goes up, I like to be long stocks. Especially penny stocks with massive upside potential. Then came $MOSY. So the morning breakout was awesome had I had it on my watchlist. Being that I just recently got back into pennystocks I missed this Initial move. $MOSY is a short float that got rotated. What does this mean?  The number of shares that are outstanding on this penny stock are 6.48 Million. This means the total number of shares that the public can trade is that. …

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