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Holding your winners. The holy grail to trading.

Let me start off by reminding you that there are many ways to make or loose money in the market. That being said, how many times have you been in a loosing trade only to watch it continue to go against you the longer you held it. Stop. Let’s take your mind back to that moment. You thought a trade was a perfect trade to take, you got in, then the price started to go against you. Next your down but your hoping it will come back to break even so that you can take your trade for a break even. Next the trade comes close to break even but in a second it runs against you. Yup, so much for that trade. Your pissed. I don’t blame you because I was there myself. Loosing trades are easy to come across because remember, you need to get 4 things right. …

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Why less is more

The times one trade can really put a damper on your self esteem is unlimited. So what do we do to keep from dealing with frustration. Take the time to build up discipline obviously! Easier said then done. A perfect example was a trade I made this morning. Lets take a closer look at how I screwed up. I placed a short position at 2385.25 right before the opening bell. My indicators were almost in sync and I took a stab. That decision totally wrecked my morning. I quickly covered at 2387 only to realize later in the morning I could have covered break even. In hindsight it was a good trade. In reality it was garbage. volume in MacD was picking up slightly and looking back at pre market I should have stayed out. I attempted to snipe a short at 2391 and it never got filled. Would have …

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The markets a scary place if your not confident taking a trade.

People ask me all the time. What do I think about this trade. My reply. Your not ready to take the trade. In my eyes, it is impossible to make consistent money as a trader of your not confident taking trades.ate in my trading career I noticed something very unusual. Two people with two separate trading directions can both profit from a single trade on a given move. Let me explain. Going long at the right time and selling off for a quick profit can simply make you money. Perhaps trader one was holding when trader 2 got short. Sure the trade went against trader 2 but what happens when the stock peaks out and starts to head back down? Well trader 2 makes money and if trader 1 still held his position, his winning trade could turn into a loosing trade. Making money in the market, requires proper management …

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What exactly is a “Strategy”?

We hear it all the time. I use this strategy or that strategy works best. But what really is a strategy? Is it a set rules, indicators, personal mental thoughts? Perhaps it’s a little bit of everything. Think about it. There can be one strategy with specific rules written down. And you can take 5 traders and instill those rules into they’re minds. However after a few weeks of trading, I can guarantee you that each one will have different results. And not because of simple variables like fill prices and entries and exits. The simple key is everyone has a different mental attitude and mindset going into trading. What I mean by mental mindset is that everyone deals with a certain level of emotion and also a certain level of trading ambition. Which simply translates to whether they are conservative or aggressive traders. Mentality like it or not plays …

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A tale of two buddies and two strategies. Why it works

As a trader I have always lived by the rule of having one strategy and mastering it. Once you add too many, you could start confusing yourself and then looking for signals that are actually setting you up for a bad trade. Develop one and master it. However there are times when an additional strategy can be beneficial to you. When you have a trading partner that utilizes a strategy that is also successful but different than yours it can help you see things you otherwise wouldn’t. A perfect example is my buddy Paul and I. As you know from previous articles, I trade momentum shifts and trend reversals. Paul has been working on a strategy using EMA and finnobacci to determine his moves moving into a trend. Now although I haven’t learned his to the full extent, I do have a slight understanding. So when I am working on …

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