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Holding penny stocks overnight. How it could be a winner if selecting the right one

Recently I have been thinking to myself that I need to get back into penny stocks. The upside movements to be made have been killer. For the last 3 years I have been really studying the way penny stocks move and you best believe they are risky as heck but they also yield the greatest rewards. So what’s the catch? Well, there is t really any catch however market makers really do manipulate the prices in different ways then the /ES E-mini market makers do. The longer you trade, the better the feel of the price action flow you will get. The key to making profits in the market is to enter at the right time because you feel the market. To be one with the market is the best feelings in the world. Traders trade the exact same way day in and day out. Why is it that most traders …

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My review of AMP futures so far

So Lets go through what many people need a bit of guidance on. Choosing the right broker. Now there are lots out there. For the sake of futures trading lets take a look at AMP futures and see what it has to offer. I chose to have a setup instead of one broker. Ill go over that in a second. My buddy Paul decided to o with AMP and has had pretty good things to say. And lets face it, 400 dollar day trading margins are hard to pass up. Noe remember more margin equals more risk. So trade carefully! Don’t get all crazy and blow your account trading 10 contracts on a shitty strategy. As I mentioned earlier, I use a setup. I use TOS ( Think or Swim ) charts and AMP futures as my clearing broker. I do this because frankly I love TOS charts and they …

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Recap for 6/8/17

So today was what I like to call traders heaven. A pretty volatile day with a few 8 point swings. All in all I took in a profit of 1.25 points today. Got a big picky with some entries and didn’t get filled. One trade in the morning and one in the evening. We will go over those in a bit. At the bell at 9:30 I waited to see what our initial move would be. Whether to the upside or downside. I got both lol. I didn’t take any positions mainly because my indicators weren’t in sync however I did like the established highs and lows. At around 10:30 I took a long off a decent pullback at 2428.00. Covered at 2428.75. Decent for a quick bounce. After that we had a nice run up to around 2439. That’s where I tried to snipe a short and did not …

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Once the move happens, forget about it. It’s no longer a trade

When I first got started trading I assumed the price of a stock or futures contract meant everything. The whole story. Let me explain. As a day trader especially, if the price is at $4 and all of a sudden the shorts get squeezed and now we are sitting at $7, we’ll the first time the stock hits $7, the story and direction of the price is different then when, if or whatever the price does when it reaches $7 again. The story. You will hear me speak a lot about the story in my articles because unlike others, I believe the market is a complete manipulation from big money finding ways to screw over the little guys and take you for all you got. They always have a trick up their sleeve. The worlds best traders identify the current story. They think, hmmmm, if they were to do this …

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Upset at the market? Reality check. The market doesn’t give a shit

So you want to profit from the market. I get it, so do I. You enter a trade it goes against you and your pissed as shit. We’ll be pissed all you want, the reality is, you ain’t getting that money back unless you find a way to win. Finding a way to beat the market is not as complex as you might think. I’m not here to say it’s easy but it isn’t as complex as you think. All trades are loosing trades. You feel this way? I know I have and do at times. Why is this? The reality is computer algorithms are screwing positions over in as many cycles as they can get their hands on. Don’t trust me? Take a look. Study the price action of a chart. Many times I hear, shit if I only would have bought 10 days ago and held. If I …

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